What We Do

We manufacture Distribution & Power Transformers ranging from 10 KVA to 160 MVA 220 kV class, Furnace Transformers, Dry Type Transformers and various types of Special Application Transformers.

Our main unit located in Kolkata is spread over an area of 4,00,000 square feet.

Certified Products

Our Transformers of various ratings, which includes 50 MVA 132 kV class, have been successfully type-tested at CPRI in Bhopal and Bangalore

Credible & Longstanding Experience

We have supplied more than 300,000 Transformers of different voltage and MVA across the globe over last 6 decades

Quality- Accredited Infrastructure

Our fully equipped laboratory can efficiently carry out all required routine tests, for various ratings of Power Transformers up to the range of 160 MVA 220 kV class.


We have evolved over the years by introducing new range of products catering to the latest developments and requirements in the market.


Through Quality Assurance and stringent evaluations, provide our customers with quality products with affordable prices and consistency in services. Develop and maintain suppliers/customers relationship based on open communication, mutual trust and respect.


To establish Marsons as a global brand and one of the most trusted names in transformers.

Our Goals

– Customer services and seamless support.
– Continued quality improvements and R&D initiatives.
– Leadership and professional growth within the organisation.
– Innovation and resource planning.
– Customization services.
– Competitive prices, quality products and timely services.