Dry type Transformers, class ‘H’ insulated, have insulating materials that are with high dielectric strength and are capable to withstand high temperatures. The temperatures are generally made to comply with IEC-60076/IS-2026/IS-1171. Range up to 1600 KVA and 11 KV Class..

Available versions:

  • Open type execution for installation in an existing panel or enclosure.
  • Well-ventilated enclosure with lip-cut louvers & baffles for outdoor installation.
  • Non-ventilated enclosure for outdoor installation.


  • Use of non-biodegradable materials makes these suitable for strict environmental   conditions.
  • No fire or explosion hazards because of use of nonflammable materials & absence of any liquid insulation.
  • Non-requirement of oil sump makes these ideally suitable for installation near   load centers thus reducing cabling costs and improving voltage regulation.

Zero Maintenance

  • Drastically reduced maintenance and cleaner looks because of absence of any   insulating liquid.
  • A lifecycle analysis would reveal the cost-effectiveness of Dry type Transformers in the long run though these require higher initial cost.
  • Easy handling and access to active parts for inspection.
  • The Dry-type transformers are designed for required BIL values and are tested for dynamic short circuit.
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